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PPR is a leading company in the manufacture and export of Non-woven disposable protective. With competitive prices, long experience, we want to bring the best products to customers.

Nonwoven disposable protective gear is widely used in hospitals, schools, nursing homes … Especially for the medical industry, the presence of this eco-friendly fabric is widely popular and use.

The main products and garments made from this fabric are used for medical purposes such as making isolation gowns, disposable medical hats, medical masks, …

It can be said that requirements in the health sector are more stricter in terms of quality and requirements for appliances used in the industry. Therefore, the choice of fabrics that do not use knitting has partly confirmed the quality and usefulness that they can bring.

Non-woven disposable protective

Shoes cover disposable

Non-woven disposable protective

Disposable Bouffant Caps